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How Water Moves Up a Tree

Today marks the hottest day of 2021 so far, with temperatures expected to be close to 100° by the afternoon. Seems to me to be a great time to go over how water moves from the ground all the way up into the canopy of a tree.

Transporting Trees

Don’t forget your tarps! Now that the deciduous trees are leafing out, they are prone to wind-stripping at high speeds. Leaves are essential to help a tree recover from transplant shock and thrive in its new home. Losing leaves during transport puts the tree’s entire survivability at risk.
Spring Blooming Ann magnolia

Spring Tree Guide 2021

It is officially Spring 2021 and for most of us in the landscape industry that means gearing up for planting season. While it’s true that fall and winter (dormancy) is typically the best time to plant most trees, there are some that benefit from an early spring planting.